Friday, November 25, 2011

Talk about Fun and games

I had to deal with a burst water pipe in the front yard this afternoon, there was that much water flooding the street that a neighbor called allconnect.
Talk about FUN!

Looking up into my wilderness of a garden where the water was coming from and a very wet gutter(road), the photo's were taken about an hour after the water was turned off at the mains.
I wish I had of got a photo before they turned the water off, but it happened right on school pick up. I hate to think how much water was wasted the meter was apparently spinning really fast, a couple of litres a minute :( 
While the plumber was fixing the problem, he only had the water turned slight on and there was still lots of water everywhere.
the poor guy had to cut out half my hedge and dig a huge hole.

I'm so glad its fixed and now have the water back on, but now there's a muddy mess in my 
yard that needs to be cleaned up :(

I hope you have a great weekend


  1. Hi, I am a new follow from the hop at Chubby Cheeks Blog,
    Hope you can drop in, say hello and follow me back, Thanks.

    I know plumbing troubles can be a real headache, we just had to have our front yard dug up and pipes dug up and replaced this summer. Our grass still hasn't filled back in yet:(

  2. Followed you on the hop. Check out my place. Would love you to follow me back if you like it.

  3. Hello, here I am, commenting ;) glad you got the muddiness sorted out ;)


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