Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blogoversay Party! { Day eight} Bumblebee and Sophie Guest Post!

Welcome to day 8 of my Blogoversary Celebration...
Today my special guest is Cindy from Bumblebee and Sophie, she is sharing a sewing tutorial - how to create a tunic neckline.
Cindy is sewing up a storm getting ready for 3 Craft Fairs this month, be sure to check out her blog and say hi.

Congratulations Rochelle!!  Happy  One Year Blogoversary!!
Thank you allowing me to participate in this celebration!

My name is Cindy, I live in New Hampshire, USA.  I am Mom to four grown and married children, (son and 3 daughters),  Grandma to two adorable little girls, and one grandchild on the way!  I have been sewing since I was a little girl(a long time), encouraged by the  legacy of my Grandmother and Mother, both very accomplished seamstresses. 

Bumblebee and Sophie started when I made my first Granddaughter, Sophia, her nursery bedding.   I had always wanted to have a sewing business, and with the help of Sarah (Sophia's Mommy) we started on this adventure.  I have taught a few quilting and sewing classes for friends, and I really enjoy passing on the skills that I have learned.  Hope you enjoy this post.

Sophia and Grandma at the Fryeburg Fair

The tunic neckline is really easy, making a facing for the slit opening on the outside rather than on the inside.  The fun part is you can make the front any shape you like, I have made points, squares, and a bit of a curve. (pictures to follow)

Tunic front

Decide what shape you want the placket to be on the front, I chose to do one with a point, measurements are up to you, the size of the garment and how large an area you want on the front of the tunic.  I also wanted the specific designs on the front so I "fussy cut" (a quilting term) the rectangle with what I wanted showing.

"Fussy" Cut Square

Made the point and turned under the edges.

Mark the Center of the tunic front with a pin
Place the placket you have pressed right side of placket to the wrong side of the tunic front with the center of the placket at the pin at the center of the tunic top.

Make three marks, for this 18 month tunic I measured down the center 3", then from the point at the bottom, I marked two more lines in a V shape the top lines about 1/2 " from the center line.  The outside lines are the sewing lines and the center line is the cut line.

Sew down one side and at the point make one stitch across the point, this will help the point lay flat, then sew up the other side.

Cut down the center line to just before the one stitch across the point

Turn the placket tot the front and pin and press the sewn edges and pin in place.

Top stitch close to the edge of the placket.
Proceed with the construction of the tunic...

Here are some other shape options for the placket.

Have fun !

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