Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blogoversary Party! { Day Four} It's Overflowing Guest Post!

Welcome to day 4 of my Blogoversary Celebration...

Today, I'd like you to say Hi to my new friend Aimee, who has the cutest little blog ever and is what
some might call a Jill of all trades! She is Amazing, definitely a girl after my own heart...  
Make sure you go say hi for me!  after reading this post of course :)

Thanks Rochelle for letting me guest post!   When I visit Just Made that Way, I always feel like Rochelle and I are having a heart to heart!  I'm, Aimee from It's Overflowing.  I'm mommy to three sweet B's and married to a studly man, whom I call my Photographer, he's also my self-taught electrician, woodworker, and the list goes on and on.  We're remodeling our 1950s original rancher and we'd love for you to join us daily as we share our DIY adventures.  Along the way, I'm learning to operate the manual settings on my SLR from my Photographer (my hubby) and I'll be sharing his tips with you over at It's Overflowing.
Can you believe I don't even know you and I'm sharing the below picture?!?  I sorta can't. Let's just say I'm jump starting our friendship and making us fast and furious friends very quickly! For a number of years following college, I sold advertisement for one of those quick start up, short lived .com companies.  The company I worked for was in the wedding industry and I LOVED that job! Sadly, the company went under and my Photographer and I wanted nothing more then to pay off our college loans, so I took the first job that came knocking on my door. Strolling through the mall, a Lancome manager asked me to work for her and hired me on the spot (of course the department store interviewed me, too). I worked there for a little while and then was "promoted" to counter manager for Clarin's Cosmetics (which focused on plant to product skin care and enhancing natural beauty in face color). My favorite things about the job were the customers, and the company-wide training conventions. 
With all that said, when it comes to makeup, there are as many opinions as there are makeup artists (and there are a ton of makeup artists in the world).  My personal goal when I "paint" my face, is to help my cause.  Make me look like I'm NOT sick and NOT tired!  And probably no surprise to you, I have been told I look both ways when I dare take a quick trip out of the house 'all natural' and end up running into someone I know.  So here's how I go from looking slammed to glammed!  
First things first, following moisturizing my face, I add a drop of concealer to my ring finger, loosen the cream concealer by rubbing it between my two fourth fingers and then blot with the same fingers, below my eyes.  The fourth finger is the weakest of all our fingers and so it's great to use these fingers when applying makeup to such a tender and thin layer of skin.
Next, use an eye pad to pick up a bit of your darkest eye color.  Before applying, be sure to blow off any excess color to prevent blotchiness.  This color will be added from the corner of your eye closest to your nose and swept a little over half way across your eye.  Be careful to stay on the lowest lid, below the crease.  
Next, with an eyeliner make up brush, pick up some of your medium color for contouring your eye.  Keep this color low on your brush and again, blow off excess to prevent an overly dark spot on your lid.  
Place your eyeliner brush at the outside corner of your eye, inside your crease.  Pressing down somewhat firmly, drag your brush towards your nose while staying inside the crease between your upper and lower eyelids.  
Now, add your lightest color to the tip of a traditional eye shadow brush and once again, blow off any excess.  
Place your brush at the outside corner, just below your crease line and drag your brush upwards towards your eyebrow.  Then, with the remaining light colored eye shadow color, blend all the colors together with your brush.  Obvious lines scream, makeup.  Blended color allows for your natural beauty to be enhanced!
You're almost done.  See in the picture just below, I look more alive now, but still not as bright and cheery as in the picture at the top!  Eye liner my friends, truly is a necessity!  Especially before you take your family picture for your Christmas card!  Start at the outside corner and resting your third and fourth fingers on your cheekbone, relax and fairly quickly, drag your soft, flexible eyeliner towards your nose, just below your lower lashes, stopping a little over midway across.  Then, starting at the corner of your eye, drag your pencil across the upper lid, just above your eye lashes.  The key to eyeliner is make your eyes focus on something on the other side of the room and stare.  And also, relaxing.  It's not rocket science, it's just for fun!  The more you try it, the easier it will become.
Next comes my VERY FAVORITE part!  Mascara!  Since 1991 (I'm pretty sure that was the year), I've been using L'Ooreal Voluminous Blackest Black Masacara.  Don't get me wrong, I've tried tons of other stuff, but this is what works best for me!  As soon as I get the mascara, straight applicator model, I pull the wand out until the bristles are the only thing still within the tube.  Then I pull the wand up and down twice.  When I pull it out, the wand is tilted a bit.  
This shape makes applying my mascara so much easier.  Try it, I think you'll be impressed.  And if ever your wand gets to goopy (especially at the beginning when there's tons of mascara in the tube, don't hesitate to use a paper towel to remove a bit.  Clumpy eyelashes look really really bad, don't you think!
Ta-da!!!  That's it.  Seriously, 5 extra minutes and my eyes look like they're about to pop, rather then like they're about to go kerplop!  
Are you convinced!?!?  Are you going to give it a try!?!?  When are you taking your Christmas card pictures?!?!  Have you done it already!?!?  I'm getting excited already about the prospect of having my mailbox stuffed with pictures and cards from my favorite friends!!!  I have our outfits picked, now we're waiting for good weather and great timing (sun cooperating and my photographer (hubby) to not be working.  I sure hope you'll frequent me at It's Overflowing!  I look forward to sharing our DIY Adventures and crafts with you.  Who knows?!!?  You may even find some Health and Beauty tips, too!!!  
 Stop by It's Overflowing and introduce yourself and let's be friends!!!


  1. Rochelle, Thanks again for inviting me to be a part of your Blogoversary Celebration!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting to read your posts, you are so creative and sweet!!! I'm GLAD we're friends!!!

    Aimee @

  2. Thanks for the tips, Aimee! I feel like I'm in a make-up rut. This gives me lots to ponder! :)

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