Saturday, September 17, 2011

Park play

We woke up this morning to the most beautiful spring day! 
clear blue sky not a cloud in sight and with 
the temperature around 30 degrees, it felt almost like summer. 

Perfect weather for playing at the park, luckily with live close a really great one. 

And boy, is
This place is Huge! 

So many activities for the kids to enjoy;
lots of wide open space to run, 
Ducks to feed, various forts,
a large climbing net, a flying fox and so much more. 
It's a very popular park for family gatherings 
and parties

there's even a path that goes around the 
entire perimeter of the park, 
Perfect for a walk and riding scooters!
the girls had so much fun.
We came across this bridge and
As I approached it
 Miss Em said " Shh ,watch out for the troll Mummy" (lol, so cute)

 My beautiful Sparkles, having a rest on one of the
many benches along the way

We spotted three Galah's foraging on the ground.

After our walk the girls played on one of the climbing forts, 
this one has been built into the side of a hill.

Sean grabbed the camera off me to snap this pic of me, 
telling me i needed my photo taken because I was always the one behind camera.

 All the playing and riding scooters
was such thirsty work, it was time to cool of with a cool drink
  before heading home.
Have a beautiful day

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