Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thirty Before Thirty!

I recently came across this darling blog Making it lovely. 
Nicole's blog truly is amazing, one thing I really 
loved was a her 30 before thirty list.

So I was inspired to write my own,
as I will be turning The Big. Three. Oh! on the 21st of December.

That gives me six months to do all of the things on my list…

Wow! I can't believe it, but I'm actually looking forward to my 
birthday(this is a 1st for me) and feeling so incredibly blessed, because 
in those almost 30 years, nearly ten of those have been spent married to the love of my life and

almost nine of them have been spent relishing in my most grand adventure yet! Being a mother.
 I also have a very loving and supportive family

and I have made many wonderful friends.

 before I hit such a big milestone in my adult life;

1. Go on a date night with my Hubby.
2. Read a book. Half read, First to die James patterson
3. Print the gazillion photos I have stored on my computer and organize in albums.Never going to finish this one :(
4. Bake a pie from scratch. Done 22/6
5. Finish organizing my craft/sewing room. It's so close! 9/10
6. Fill new collage frames with my favourite family photos. Started 3/10
7. Sew a dress for myself. Half done!
8. Sew a dress for each of the girls. Started!
9. Give my bedroom a makeover. Started!
10. Learn to lead from my heart more and stop over thinking things so much (This is going to be a hard one). Really trying to!
11. Redesign my blog. Started!
12. Have a party to Celebrate my blogoversary. Done! 10-20/11
13. Open an online store to sell my handmade items (etsy maybe)
14. Have a new family portrait taken.
15. Get fit.
16. Treat myself to a manicure and pedicure. My good friend Sharon gave me GV, still need to use it though
17. Go to the markets/ thrifting. Done! 18/12
18. Have a whole day to myself crafting or sewing.
19. Go on a day trip somewhere new
20. Spend some mummy - daughter time with my girls  Done! Doing this regularly, the girls love it!
21. Take the girls to the museum Tried to the Museum is closed till 20th Jan
22. Kiss my sweetheart in the rain  Done!
23. Fill my art journal
24. Grow my own kitchen/veggie garden
25. Finish all my ufo's.  Yeah right this was never going to happen!
26. Go on a plane. Didn't happen :(
27. Go see Harry Potter Deathly hallows part 2 Done! 18/9
28. Spend a romantic weekend away with Sean at a Bed & Breakfast Not done!
29. Write a letter to my daughters.
30. New hair cut/colour. Half done! Coloured my hair

Thanks so much for reading,
Happy Tuesday everyone.

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