Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dinosaur muesum

My beautiful paleontologist.
 Sparkles and her class mates over the last few weeks have been learning about dinosaurs, creating various prehistoric artworks and designing exhibits for a dinosaur museum.
Today they invited
parents to a special viewing of their creations.

Entry poster outside the class room.
The children created posters and hung them around the school, so students from other year levels could visit too.

Each child had their own very important job to do.

 The museum had an information desk.
a giant model of a Muttaburrasaurus, that they made out of boxes with egg carton teeth.
Papier Mache dinosaur eggs
 Fossils the kids made using plaster and objects they found in the playground.
some dinosaur skeletons
they even made some pterodactyls (cool huh!)
 and a gem shop with precious gems and jewellery.
 Here's my darling girl tallying my bill, after I chose a one of a kind necklace at the gem shop.

The museum was fantastic, their creativity makes 
me smile, I'm so proud of them.

Have a beautiful day.

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