Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back to School

The girls started back at school yesterday!
My little Preppie and my Big Grade Three-er

 My three gorgeous girls, only my little princess 
at home now. It feels so surreal to me, that two of 
my girls are going to school. It feels like it was just
yesterday, I was saying goodbye to Miss E on her 
first day of Prep. This life is passing me by
way to fast (It's scary). 
 My big school girls, looked so cute walking
down the path hand in hand.
I love the way she smiles.
Miss E was excited to be back at school and
to see her friends. She amazed me with her 
confidence, it was a great! 
It's Ok, sweetie! Mummy knows how you feel.
Miss C was excited but a little nervous to start with, 
 her day turned out to be lots of fun, with Miss C telling 
me at home time "it was the greatest day ever". 

I'm so glad they both had such a fantastic day.

Happy Tuesday everyone, make it a beautiful one... 


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