Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

I hope you had the Merriest Christmas!!!
I don't know about you,
but for me Christmas flew by way to fast! 
Here's some photo's of our Christmas weekend
for you to enjoy...
 Our Christmas tree in a sea of presents
We had my sister and her family stay with 
us for the weekend.
 Our kids had so much fun, this was their first ever 
Christmas morning together. 

My girls received so many beautiful presents
Miss E, opening one of her many presents.
Miss E was delighted to add to her ever expanding 
Littlest Pet Shops (last count about 27).
Miss C opening her Tinkerbell scooter.
 Miss C Had a Tinkerbell Christmas
(90% of her presents), she must really love fairies.
Little princess opening Jesse, she had a Toy Story Christmas.
My Little princess really enjoyed opening her presents,
the minute she had open one she was off
looking for another.

 My sister's girls enjoying their presents, surrounded 
by wrapping paper
Little princess checking out her cousins presents.
My Hubby was happy to receive the
Die hard Quadrilogy.
 Hubby opening his present.

Later we all had a big family Christmas
lunch at my Brothers house, talk about a feast!
Prawns("yum"), ham, chicken, 
Potato salad, green salads
and lots of alcohol 
(My mum made Pina colada's, Yum!).

My brothers Kids opening their present I made them!
My nephew with his rocket pillow.
My niece with her dolly.

These Photo's were taken on boxing day, 
just before my sister went home.
Me and my Sis.
Our gorgeous girls (Little princess was asleep). 
I took these photo's on Monday afternoon,
just before my parents headed off on
their long drive home.
My Mum and Dad with my girls.
Little princess, my Mum and me
I didn't take as many photo's as I
normally would have(more time to enjoy my family).

We had such a wonderful day together, 
with lots of smiles, laughter, food and fun... 

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